Rehab Tracker App

Manage Rehab Projects With Ease

Paper-Free Projects

Securely store data in the cloud and access it from any device - anywhere, anytime

In-Field Access​

Use your smartphone, iPad, or tablet to collect and input project data​

Paper-Free Applications​

Collect homeowner info and signatures via iPad or tablet in the field​

Task Management

Create tasks that can be assigned to any project (e.g.2x4 FASCIA - WOOD)

Calculate Task Cost​

Input quantity and cost is auto-calculated based on task’s unit type (Each, SF, LF, Task)​

Cost Projections​

Total estimated project cost calculated based on the estimated cost of a project’s tasks​

Export Bid Sheets​

Export spreadsheet of project tasks for contractors to fill in with their bid​

Project Groups​

Organize projects into specific groups (e.g. CDBG 2020, Brush with Kindness 2020)​

Default Tasks

All new projects within a group are assigned the same default tasks​

Environmental Reports​

Generate environmental reports from data already saved in the app, including photos​

Add Photos​

Add photos to any project with descriptions (e.g. front of house, left side of house)​

Add Attachments​

Add PDFs, documents, and spreadsheets to any project​


Each project has a status icon that indicates the latest milestone reached​

Project Group Reports​

Export spreadsheet with all high-level details of the projects within each project group​

Track Invoices​

Upload project invoices and track their status (submitted, paid, etc.)​

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Access for All

This app was developed by and for Trinity Habitat for Humanity. Starting Spring 2022, we plan to release a version that allows any Habitat affiliate or other organization to use the app to manage their own rehab projects. 

The initial development of this app was funded by the North Texas Community Foundation. Moving forward, subscription fees will allow us to maintain and enhance the app without relying on philanthropic funds.

If you would like access to the Rehab Tracker app for your Habitat affiliate or other organization, please join our email list to stay in the loop.

We will be releasing more app screenshots and live demos soon, so be sure to join our email list to be notified when they are available.


For any inquiries please email